Where does ministry end and therapy start?

People take problems to their pastor that might never get to a counseling office. But sometimes those problems ought to go to a counselor.  How do you know when to refer to a therapist? What rules or guidelines do you use now?

On February 26 at the Pastors’ Lunch we discussed some of the serious kinds of issues that indicate need for a different kind of care, and the options and resources for different problems. Pastors and counselors talked about the ways they have been part of hand offs from pastor to counselor.

A Power Point presentation from Dr. Brian Briscoe was used as a starting point for discussion. The issues covered included Bi- Polar disorder, ADHD, psychosis, depression/anxiety, Grief, and others.

A helpful guide given by Dr. Briscoe is to look at the behavior in the person and ask is it a problem that is PERSISTENT, PERVASIVE, and INHIBITS FUNCTIONING.

Many issues can be helped by a pastor giving counsel or a professional mental health provider. But if the issue is PERSISTENT, PERVASIVE, and INHIBITS FUNCTIONING, then mental health care is required.

The Pastors were encouraged to utilize the therapists of HopeWell Heights for counseling or resources to ask about situations. We may not always be the provider you choose but we are happy to help you find what you need. This also applies to anyone reading this blog.

Call us if you have questions! If we can’t help, we’ll advise you where to look for what you need!

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